Marriage Talk #ToTheAltar

As we got ready for church on Sunday morning, my only comfort was that there will be no marriage talk today. I just needed to get to church and worship my worries away.
The ride to church normally takes about ten to fifteen minutes. On most days, it was usually in silence.

Today isn’t most days though. As soon as my mum joined us in the car, we said our prayers, and she began another round of “marriage talk”.
Mummy told me that in the church today, during the prayers, I should just keep praying for God to direct my husband to me.

That isn’t exactly a bad idea. If that was the whole marriage talk for today, then I would consider myself lucky.
Instead, she continued. She told me to also start answering questions during Sunday school. According to her, that would make the single brothers in my church notice how beautiful and intelligent I am.

Now that she said this, I am beginning to notice a pattern. A lot of single aunties in my church, before they got married, they used to be active participants in Sunday school. As soon as they got married, that ended.
Maybe their mothers had said the same thing to them. And maybe it actually works.

Next, my mother said I needed to join the church’s workforce. According to her, I couldn’t just join any unit, my options were limited to three.
I needed to join either the protocol, the usher, or the choir unit.

Mummy said this was the “prime real estate” unit for single folks in the church. There, I would be easily noticed by other single folks.
The protocol team moves with the pastor and his wife, giving members high and meaningful visibility. They also welcome members and visitors. Meaning they are the first people you notice in the church.

The ushers meanwhile directed people within the church premises. They mostly stood throughout the church service, and are positioned in vantage points.
It is impossible not to notice them.

As for the choir, who doesn’t want to be a choir member? After the pastor and his wife, the choir members are the next in rank.
During their ministrations, every eye in the church is fixed on them. If that isn’t “premium advertising”, what is?

Each of these units had beautiful uniforms. Well cut and smartly fitting. And on days they weren’t in uniform, they were still expected to look splendid.
What mummy is saying makes a lot of sense. In fact, members of these units were involved in almost fifty percent of weddings in my church.

It was also a common sight to see members of this unit get married to other members of their unit.
Mummy is definitely right. They go into this unit when single and gradually withdraw as soon as they get married.

Who knew I would learn the secret of church members’ activities from marriage talk with mummy this morning?
I find this revelation so funny, yet enlightening, that I can’t even be upset with mummy for starting marriage talk with me this morning. This made a lot of sense.

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