It Is Church. Why The Rush? (Deputy Girlfriend)

I woke up on Sunday morning to Tomi getting ready for church. She was happily whistling a song as she prepared to have her bath.
Who wakes up with so much energy? Can’t she get ready without the music? And why exactly is she up by 6 AM to prepare for a church service that doesn’t start until 8 AM?

I rolled over to the other side of the bed and tried going back to sleep. As I wandered in and out of sleep, Tomi came back into the room.
This time around, she wasn’t whistling, she was singing.

I am beginning to think she is doing this on purpose. Tomi is a trouble maker with an innocent face.
With all traces of sleep out of my eyes, I turned to face the wall. It was either that or I get out of the room. Tomi thinks she is still a skinny kid. She doesn’t know her body is now a serious temptation.
I really didn’t think this squatting arrangement through.

Finally, she asks me when I will start preparing for church.
Which church? Service that doesn’t start for the next ninety minutes. Am I the one to arrange the chair? Or am I to welcome the attendees?

Tomi began to talk about the importance of getting to church early. How we are supposed to join the pre-service prayers, even pray personally. All in order to get our hearts right and ready for God’s presence and outpouring.
She does have valid points. They do say it in my church, but it has never felt this personal before.

I can’t let her know I am agreeing with her. That would make her think she must give me her opinion on everything.
Instead, I tell her I just needed thirty more minutes of rest before I started preparing.

Eventually, Tomi left for church. Immediately she stepped out of the house, I dashed out of bed and began preparing for church.
The fact that I didn’t want her to know she won me over doesn’t mean I won’t do the right thing.

Since I moved out of my parent’s place, this is the earliest I ever got to church.
The usher at the door even looked at me weirdly. Like “boy, did you have a nightmare or is anyone pursuing you?”.

Thank goodness that Tomi doesn’t attend my church. She is smart enough to put two and two together and figure out that I was only here because her words got to me.
Oh my goodness! Thank God Tomi doesn’t attend my church. It never crossed my mind what the reaction of my pastor and leaders would be to her staying with me.

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