Blind Scan VS Auto Scan #ToTheAltar

We got to the church, and I immediately went to sit with my peers. When I did a quick scan to spot out my friends, something occurred to me.
My church doesn’t have a young adult group. You are either a youth or an adult. Yet subconsciously, all the young adults sat together.

It is like we have created our own clan and somehow stuck with each other. The older folks in the church somehow did the same.
Maybe this is for the best. So we can know who is “available” and who isn’t. Before young men start seeing married women in their “dreams”.

A second scan around my peers showed me something else. There was no married person among us.
Looking back now, I can remember that during the thanksgiving service for their wedding, they were expected to sit at the front of the church.

After the thanksgiving service, they somehow always sat a few pews away from that same row.
Maybe the church is more tribalistic than we will admit. It isn’t split along ethnic lines though. More of marital and financial lines.

At least, all of these made it easy to know who was single and ready to mingle in the church. Some of us were engaged though. Or in a relationship.
But as my friend from the university will say, don’t let your boyfriend, fiance, or LOML stop you from meeting your husband.

How come all of these didn’t occur to me until my parents brought up this marriage talk?
I need to start my own scan of the boys in this church. It is not only guys that have a monopoly on picking ladies that interest them.

If my spec of a guy pops up on my radar, best believe I’m stepping up to him. My ideal guy is definitely not scared of being wooed by a lady.
I am a modern woman who can do the wooing. I deserve a modern guy who isn’t scared of me asking him out.

Hold on, is wooing the same as asking out? How do I even ask out a guy? What if he turns me down? Worse still, what if he laughs at me?
How do I even tell if a guy is single? They all don’t wear engagement rings and they don’t write it on their faces.

Maybe it’s best if I wait for the guy to do the asking. I cannot come and disgrace my ancestors because of husband.
How long do I have to wait before I come up in someone’s scan? Not just someone, but in the scan of a guy that is my kind of guy.
I never thought of this before, am I my spec’s spec?

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