The Express Love Of A Mother – Josh Journal

As I traverse the ever-busy roads of Lagos, a common sight I come across is that of a mother holding the hands of her children as they cross the road.
I see men do the same, but not as much. Not even close at all.

This is a sighting I am familiar with and comfortable with. I have also experienced it before. Who hasn’t?
Mothers do this as a way of protecting and guiding their children.

It is cute seeing a mother help her little children across busy highways. It is even cuter seeing a mother hold the hand of her grown-up child as they cross the road.
I have witnessed this repeatedly.

It seems to our mothers, we are always going to be their little babies who can’t cross the road alone.
Maybe it is born out of concern, motherly love, maternal instincts, or something similar. They just want to keep you safe as they cross the road.

The fact that you are old enough to be married, or have your own children is by the way. All a mother wants to do is keep you safe.
And if that requires taking a firm hold of your hand as you cross the street, road, or expressway, then so be it.
May God’s blessings ever abide with our loving mums.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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