Real Life, Online, In Person (Sincerely Yours)

There is an understanding that shows a lack of sound judgment, that is prevalent these days. The categorization of online interactions as not being real life.
People are assuming that every interaction online doesn’t count as real life. Even in cases where such interactions do not enjoy the cloak of anonymity.

You spew words out; abuses, insults, threats, and hatred. Things they would never do in person, they are proud to say and do behind a keyboard or camera.
They feel since the recipient isn’t there, then there are no limits.

Some people take sarcasm and comedy to extreme lengths. They forget that not everyone shares your sense of humor, and not everyone is in the same mental space as them.
When others get offended, you are quick to point out that it’s a joke or they are thin-skinned.

As much as there is a false sense of outrage for outrage’s sake, a lot of the outrage online is justified.
Things you would say in person and would get a slap, punch, or an enemy for, what makes you think because the recipient is online, they will take it with a shrug of the shoulder?

You make a threat online, you get reported to the police and they arrest you. You start tweeting and live streaming about censorship and the high-handedness of rich folks.
It is easy to forget that some people took threats lightly and ended up dead. How are they to know that your threat won’t have ended in their death?

What you won’t say in “real life”, or to a person’s face, don’t say it online. The same way you censor yourself before opening your mouth, censor yourself before you start typing. Or streaming.
And whatever you do, the internet never forgets.

As much as people are enlightened and advocate for freedom, no recruiter or entrepreneur wants to be associated with trouble.
No company wants to be releasing a press release dissociating themselves from the actions of their staff every week.

The fact you have proven to be illogical and problematic online in the past raises the possibility you will do it again. Businesses know this.
You may be a lion online and a lamb in person, but recruiters can’t tell this.

The actions of others have taught them to be careful how they recruit. How are they to know you are different?
Others also said they were different before slapping a boss, customer, or colleague. And the signs were all there on their social media.

PR is expensive and doesn’t guarantee that a reputation would be redeemed. Or that the customers would return.
If your baggage outweighs whatever benefit you have to offer, your employer would have to let you go.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t excuse you from these consequences. Businesses check your digital footprint before partnering or giving you contracts.
They don’t want to be the recipient of a boycott campaign because of your online activities.

Everything is real life. Online or in person, it is all real life. The consequences for your immaturity and foolishness are also not limited to online.
As a matter of fact, unless they exclusively tell you it is fiction, accept it is real life.
Act accordingly, your online actions have in-person consequences.
Sincerely yours,
Wilson J.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
You can follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. @IJOSWIL