To know or not to know? – RHETORICS

Time and again, I have come to a crossroad, and had to make a choice; to know or not to know?

Some say ignorance is bliss. How true is this?
Have you witnessed someone hurt themselves because they don’t know better?
What about a person that runs foul of a law because they didn’t know it exists?
Would they not have been better off knowing?

What about the burden of knowledge?
Repeatedly, I have had to bear secrets for people who trusted me. A few times, I even knew things about someone who is not aware I knew them. Have you found yourself in such a situation before?

Some secrets are harmless. They hold no significant consequence. Do you have any of such?
But then, other secrets are life-changing. Future altering. That could have consequences on career, family, friendship, and others. Does everyone have one of such?
I consider such knowledge and secrets to be burdensome. How about you?

When you are entrusted with such a burden, how does it feel?
Knowing that one slip up and things will never remain the same again. Do you start to walk on eggshells?

What if you were not informed, instead you stumbled on the secret? Is that the same as being told?
In such an instant, do you owe the person or people involved any confidentiality in how you handle their information?

It gets crazier when someone asks you about that secret. Do you lie? Do you tell the truth? How about feigning ignorance?
Isn’t that the same as lying?
If you did not know, you would be free of this burden. Now you know, is it possible to unknow?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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