After The Church Service (Deputy Girlfriend)

Immediately after the church service, I began to rush home. Hannah should be on her way pretty soon and I needed to get there before her.
Our church service had extended longer than usual. We are preparing for a program and there was no way for me to sneak out before the discussion began.

I don’t know when Tomi would be done with her own church service. I can remember her family coming back from service early on some occasions, and late on some occasions.
There is just no telling with them.

I got on a bike outside the church and sped home. One of the pastors was trying to pin me down with conversations about my parents.
That would have to wait until another day. For now, I just need to get home before Hannah.

I never thought about something. What happens if Hannah and Tomi got home before me?
No way! Heavens forbid bad thing. Those two girls should never be left alone together.

I really should have gotten Tomi that movie ticket. Or at least given her contact details to one of those boys disturbing me. This would have been a good time for them to get her out of my hair.
It’s not too late. I can call Patrick. He would just keep her company elsewhere.

Is this bike slow or is it my imagination? Why is it that when you are in a hurry, that is when everyone else seems as calm as a cucumber?
The bike rider is driving like he has no care in the world. Is he new to Lagos?

I finally got to the house, and my landlord and his family are also just returning from church. I greeted them and try to go in, but my landlady pulled me aside.
My landlord also stopped as their children went into the house.

“I heard you now have a girl staying with you.” My landlady began.
“Who told you that ma?” I responded.
“Who told me or yes it is true, no it is not true?”
“Mummy, she is just a friend.”
“That is what you boys use to say until we get invited for the naming ceremony.”

I didn’t know when I started laughing uncontrollably. She had a point. It wasn’t a lie at all.
If someone else had narrated my present ordeal to me as theirs, I would also find it difficult to believe.

“I promise you, mummy, it’s not like that at all,” I replied her.
“But what of the other girl? Hannah I think. And I have come to like that girl.”
“She is fine ma.”
“So after all these years, you would just end things with her.”
“No ooo. We are still together. I’m just helping out a friend.”
“Does she know a girl is staying with you?”
“Yes, ma. I had to tell her first.”

It was at this point my landlord ran over to me and knelt down, grabbing my leg and looking up.
“Sensei, teach me.” He said.

“If you don’t leave him alone. I know that is where they would see you.” His wife replied him.
You should see how hysterically I laughed. My landlord is the king of the dramatics.

I assured my landlady that things were cool with Hannah and me. Who would have known that she actually likes Hannah?
She still had her doubts about my intentions, but when I promised to ask Hannah to come to see her when she gets here from her own church service, my landlady was a bit relaxed.

I was finally able to go in when they both went upstairs.
Now, let me quickly go arrange the house and see what I can put together to pacify Hannah. I hope she’s in a good mood.

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