Abeg, Who Know Road?

For a while now, I have been advised that to progress in life, I need to “follow who know road”. Isn’t that a great advice?
My issue though is that too many people are advertising themselves that they are one of an elite group of people who know road.
If everybody is elite, then is elite still elite?
If so many people knew the route to success, why do we have so few success stories?

Follow who know road, I ended up going far, except that I was heeded in the wrong direction. I had to retrace my steps to start all over again. Wasn’t I better off having never made the journey?
Now I’m stranded, waiting for someone who actually knows where we are going to. A lot of people are making good points, but the first guy also made a great point, yet I was led astray.

Is it not that everyone is just experimenting and trying to find their way through this maze called life?
My life coach has a life coach. Who would have imagined? Am I not caught up in a pyramid scheme?
After sifting and searching, I finally found someone that actually “know road”.
There is just one caveat though. He is not going in the right direction. Can you imagine?

Yes, he knows he is headed in the wrong direction. According to him, he wants to see where this road leads to first, before coming back to take the right road.
Follow who know road. Am I supposed to follow him?

He has enough time, I don’t. He has an insurance blanket, he doesn’t have to worry about the cost of his decision.
I know I’m not covered. I also do not have the luxury of time. Am I supposed to follow him in the wrong direction?
This is my advice for you. Follow who know road, but ask them where they are going to first.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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