Through thick and thin, what keeps you going?
When the tide is against you, how do you not give up?
When hope seems far-fetched, how are you able to stay on track?
Family, friends, money, God, which do you look to?
A frown turned into a smile, a stranger saying a heartfelt thank you, which keeps you going?
Life is a battle, do you have a platoon at your support?
Life is a contest, do you have the right people on your team?
Life is a risk, do you have people you can trust?
Life is a journey, do you have the right accomplice?
Life is a mystery, are you helping others unravel it?
Are you the biggest fan of those that trust you?
Do you cheer for them as they keep pushing?
Are you the reason someone out there isn’t giving up?
Do you do to others what you want done to you?
Do you keep others going?
Are you a friend indeed or always a friend in need?
They’ve got your back, have you got theirs?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. @IJoswil