Watch Your Back – Josh Journal

As a leader, opinion shaper, influencer, or celebrity, you need to always watch your back. As in audit your followers, fans, and audience.
Who are those you lead? Who do you speak for? What kind of people gravitate towards you and your message? What happens after you speak?
If you fail to do this, it is likely you will never be able to tell when you cross the line between being good and evil.

Sure, you are a good person. You believe you only say good things. But why are your followers majorly negative minded or simply evil?
The people who claim to have your back are the very people you will never proudly associate yourself with. There is something wrong with the equation.

If your message is good, but your followers are bad, then you need to ask yourself, what about me are they attracted to? What about my words are they interested in? Am I actually speaking for them? Are these the people I want to be speaking for?

A leader is the collective average of his followers. You can’t be good, while your followers are bad. We cannot separate you from the words and actions of your followers. Especially when everything they do, they do in your name.
Again, who are those that believe in you, listen to you, root for you, will kill for you, and are ready to die for you?

If you constantly need to dissociate yourself from your followers and their actions, then it is time to revaluate yourself.
May those we lead, who we back, and who has got our back not be the downfall of us.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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