Face The Right Direction Before You Start Running – Josh Journal

A common mistake I see people in their pursuit of success is sacrificing proper direction for speed.
Lots of people believe the faster they move, the quicker they can get to their destination.

As true as that is, there is the caveat of moving in the right direction.
No matter how fast you are moving, if you are heading in the wrong direction, no amount of speed will bring you to your intended destination.
Instead, the faster you go, the further you are from your goal.

It is like in a football match. No matter how good a team is, if they all play facing their own goal post, they are guaranteed to at least not win the match. If not losing altogether.
Same way Usain Bolt despite his speed, would have lost any race he runs facing the starting line, rather than the finish line. That is if he doesn’t get disqualified first.

I see people who are passionate about something, yet ignore basic rules of that field. How can you be successful in something you don’t understand?
There will always be the occasional fellow that succeeds as a novice. That is an exception rather than a norm.

If you are interested in anything, first learn about it. The time spent training and educating yourself will ensure that when you eventually start out, you will be moving in the right direction.
The biggest problem of going in the wrong direction is wasted effort. Time, energy, and other resources would have been expended without a profit.

There is the fact that by flouting the rule, you would have learned one way not to get it done. But then, was that necessary?
Wouldn’t you have been better off succeeding just by following tried and proven principles? How do you recoup the resources spent? How many of such mistakes can you afford to make?

I got moved to write this after reading the foreword to Suffering and Smiling by Mary Ogundimu. That is what I am currently reading and I think you would learn a thing or two from reading it.
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All of this reminds me of the line from J. Cole’s song, Love Yours.
The good news is you came a long way.
The bad news is you went the wrong way.

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