Clean Up After Yourself (With Love From Dad)

Hi kids. This is your dad again. This time, I’m here with a very simple, personal advice. Clean up after yourself.
This advice is as much for your own good as it is for my own good. You really need to pick up the habit of cleaning up after yourself as early as possible.
Life is fun and hard at the same time, but it’s important to learn to have fun in moderation, while simultaneously ensuring you never make life unnecessarily hard for yourself.
Just as you do not want to make your own life more difficult, and you wouldn’t like someone making your life difficult, so also, you need to always be considerate and thoughtful, ensuring you never make anyone else’s life any more difficult.
You use a plate to eat, wash it up quickly. You take a shower, rinse the sud off the wall. You pull an item out of its nest for use, return it when done. Neither I nor your mum will be running around continually cleaning up after you.
I am not marrying her to be your house help. I am marrying her to be my wife, and your mother. I can’t stand by while you wear her out for me. If I don’t suffer it tonight as she complains, I’ll suffer it when you move to your own home and she ages rapidly. I’m not having any of that.
Realistically, you fixing things back as you use them or as the need arises ensures the work doesn’t build up, then seem massive when you get around to attending to them.
Just as it is with chores, so it is with responsibilities. Tackle them while they are still a molehill, and they’ll never rise to be a mountain.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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