When is it Right to be Selfish?

Who Said That?

 This is a question which most people will easily answer with a big Never. but time and time again, I have been in a position where the appropriate thing to do would be to be selfish. Simple.
 Some people who know me when I was younger will tell you that I was actually a selfish little boy, and I’ll testify to that. I actually was very much selfish, and I knew it. But at one point, I decided to be more liberal and selfless. Since then (By God’s grace) I’ve actually been more of a giver than I use to be.
But the only time when I will ever be selfish again is if the recipient of my selfishness is proving to be foolish, careless, and unnecessarily selfish. Some people take your liberal attitude as foolishness, weakness, and a sign of Immaturity. They’ll keep everything they have away from you, while expecting you to hand everything you own over to them, even when they don’t deserve to have it. And whenever you ask for their contribution to a joint venture, they’ll make an excuse, and give you a justification for their selfishness. Under such circumstances, I’ll advise you be selfish to such selfishness.
 Another instance where I’ll recommend selfishness is when someone uses your generosity as a front for laziness. Because of your hard-working nature, your sense of dutifulness, and your willingness to share, some people will chose not to work and practically live off your labor. They’ll sit around all day, expecting you to bring in all you have, while they sit on their ass and wholeheartedly help you to feed off your labor. In such instances, I recommend you go into full selfishness mode.
 Finally, and most people will call me a selfish guy for this. when everybody is being graciously generous over a trivial issue, Then I recommend you can get a little bit selfish. I’m talking about those awkward moments when there is only a little amount of groundnut, or other food item left in the plate, and everyone is like “You take it, I’m filled.” and then everyone is politely, charismatically, courteously leave the last piece of food item in the plate. I’ll gladly pick it up and eat it. Let’s forget about “big boyism” or ego, or “whatever”. Let’s eat and get our belly filled. Pick the last stuff left, satisfy yourself, forget about what others will think or say. And leave there.
 In summary, it is sometimes necessary to be selfish, and I’ll advice you listen to all sides of a story before passing your judgement.