Stop Skipping The Updates – Josh Journal

Some people have what I can best describe as a primal fear or hatred for updates. Whenever they get a notification to update, their first instinct is to click “skip” or “notify me later”.
Some people have been skipping one singular update for over a month now. And you expect your phone, computer, or software to keep working right. Did you think the manufacturer that created the updates did it out of boredom? Or you think they are that much less busy at their office?

When I talk about updates, I’m also including news and information. It is like some people are allergic to the news. If they stumble on it while channel surfing, they flip out of it so fast, you’ll think they saw something sacrilegious. They are only interested in rumors and celebrity gossip.

This month, after years of Adobe announcing that Adobe Flash would stop working, imagine a company or service being so unprepared that they are caught unawares.
Now imagine it being a service as essential as the railway system that gets disrupted because of this.
That is the story of the Dalian Railway Service in northern China. How can you be the one company unaware that the building block for your only product is about going extinct?

I understand a child finding news to be boring. But as an adult, you are supposed to be interested in what is going on around you. You need to stay updated and well informed.
This explains the voting patterns of people, their financial choices, and their inability to take opportunities. Many times, they were never aware.
This is also why some people flout new rules. When information on said rule is being disseminated, they failed to get acquainted.

How can you survive and thrive in the information age when you are consciously avoiding information?
There is just one way to summarize this, if you don’t stay updated, you will get outdated.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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