Everyone I Know have a dream of being successful. Although I might be wrong with this generalization, I have not met anyone who is an exception to this though.

Everyone is allowed to dream as far as their imagination permits. No one is going to charge you any money, neither would the government increase your tax for believing you can be a trillionaire.
The next step though; actually being successful, that is where all of the work is.

I have heard different musicians talk about how they’ve met very talented people, vocal powerhouses, lyrical geniuses, who failed miserably in having a music career.
Turns out they lacked the work ethic and drive needed to succeed in the ruthlessly competitive music industry. In the meantime, we can all point to musicians who have gone on to be great acts despite possessing little talent.
Apparently, talents are currently a dime a dozen.

This doesn’t just apply to the music industry. It is the same in all of the arts, just as well as in every other endeavour.
It is easy to look at someone successful against all odds and attribute it to luck, playing the politics right, knowing the right people, sexual liaisons, bribery, or anything else.

As much as any of this will put your leg in the room, it won’t buy you a seat at the table. Others had everything working in their favour yet failed to perform, couldn’t be consistent, or destroy themselves with a bad attitude.

We can always pray for God’s grace and intervention, but when God sets up the shot, are you ready to take it?

Are you actually ready for that dream? Have you studied and learned everything you need to know? Did you bother learning about those who have done it before and failed as well as succeeded, and why they did?
Have you developed your soft skills? Do you have the courage to try? Are you ready to try again? What if your dream becomes less fashionable? Will you still go for it?

Just as Jesus told his disciples to forgive seventy times seven times daily, your pursuit of success might require you trying seventy times seven times. Thankfully, yours will most likely not be in one day.
At the end of the day, the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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