Loving You And Your Sense Of Humor – Josh Journal

When you find love and convince the person, or get convinced by the person to get into a relationship, you will most likely go to any length to keep the relationship going.
One thing many of us underestimate in a relationship is a sense of humor, and a good laugh.

What does laughter have to do with love? Of what use is a sense of humor in your relationship? Isn’t going out for meals, hanging out, and sex a bigger priority?
Before I get all analytical and stuff, if you live in Nigeria, you may not know it yet, but you need a common sense of humor and a lot of laughter for your relationship to survive.

Let me take that back to the basics first. You actually need a healthy and sizeable dose of sense of humor to survive in Nigeria. Especially Lagos.
In Australia, everything is trying to kill you. In Nigeria meanwhile, the government is first trying to frustrate you. Then kill whatever part of you survives the frustration.

Why do you think comedy is the sector of Nigerian entertainment that thrives the most?
You think it’s music right? But hold on.
What do you see more of on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? Comedy or music?

Which genre of Nollywood movies does best in Nigerian cinemas? What about on streaming platforms across the globe?
Which is easiest to break into, comedy skit or music industry? So which one do you think is doing the numbers?

Nigerians have grown a comedic bone to survive being Nigerian. That is just evolution at work.
Why else do you think Nigerians create something funny out of something that would have thrown any other country into commotion?

There is God ooo. My Oga at the top. President Ajala The Traveller. Rats in Aso Rock. Junior Messi and football age. Constituted authority. Cloned president. The confused masquerade. The hustling Father Christmas. Open the door challenge. There are two things involved. Do you need me to go on with this list? (If you don’t know some things on this list, Google or Twitter might help you. I can’t. And please, call me Bros when you see me.)

Now imagine in the midst of this, your lover doesn’t share your sense of humor. Each time you laugh, they ask, “what’s funny?”
No matter how you explain, they just don’t get it. And whenever you share something you find funny with them, they’ll reply, “and so?” “I don’t get it.”

How is that love supposed to be sweet? You will leave your partner behind and be sharing memes with someone else at past 10 in the night. Is that even a relationship?
Or you are laughing hysterically on your side of the bed, and you turn to show them, and your laughter dies away because you know they won’t get it.

Everything funny is funnier when shared with the right person. With the one you love.
Now imagine being unable to share something with the person you love most in the world because they don’t share your sense of humor. Double jeopardy on that if you live in Lagos.

As your relationship gets serious, there are a lot of things you’ll be advised to search for compatibility in. I’ll advise you to move “sense of humor” closer to the top of that list.
This is not to say a similar sense of humor is the most important thing in your relationship. But it is one of the topmost.

It will surely reduce your headache and make life easier. Plus the possibility of laughing off some mistakes will help prevent minor fights that kill relationships like death by a thousand cuts.
You don’t want to be laughing at something that went wrong while your partner is in tears. That just makes you look heartless.

Love is sweet, but when money enters love is sweeter. If you add a garnish of laughter to that, that love will be in its sweetest form.
So as you are looking for fat, thin, light, dark, tall, short, smart, thick, slim, flat tummy, fupa-carrying, six-packs, pot-bellied, bespectacled, nerd, Sister Mary-Amaka, God-fearing with ashewo vibes, lady/gentleman in the street, freak in the sheets, or whatever else your spec might be, please, look out for their sense of humor.
E get why.

Have you ever heard the phrase “laughs in offing pant“? I can neither confirm nor deny the truth behind it.
I cannot also confirm if there is a male equivalent of this.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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