Kamasutra Or Kayanmata – Josh Journal

In my many reading of many random things, I stumbled upon the Kamasutra. I cannot remember when I first heard about it or actually saw it. I also cannot remember what age I was at that point, but I know I was quite young. Most likely a teenager.
I never did further maths in school, but in my brain at that time, this couldn’t be any different from further maths.

The first thought that came to my mind has to be “why are these people trying to kill themselves?” Because if they aren’t, then what is the explanation for all this lifting and twisting I am seeing?
All these years later, I still have my reservations about the ability of the average human to pull off some moves in the Kamasutra.

Maybe if you are a gymnast though. Not just any gymnast. One in the caliber of Simone Biles. And your partner needs to be that good too. And strong too. Let’s take that strength up a notch. Extra strong.
How else are you supposed to curl, curve, twist, twirl, fold, and flow into each other?

For the life of me, I cannot remember any of the moves in the Kamasutra. Yet, I am seventy-five percent sure that if push comes to shove and I name a random animal, it should either be a move or half a move in the Kamasutra.
Lion, leopard, spider, monkey, elephant, rabbit, giraffe, and crab. If you have read the Kamasutra, tell me that those animals don’t sound like one of the poses.

After hearing about the Kamasutra, I found out about Kayanmata.
It literally translates to “the load of a new bride”. It is a concoction of herbs native to Northern Nigeria that serves as an aphrodisiac.

I have not tasted nor tested the efficacy of Kayanmata, but those who have, almost swear by it.
How I found out about Kamasutra before Kayanmata is something I don’t like. For goodness sake, I am a man of culture.

The major downside to Kayanmata is that it doesn’t always look pretty. Herbs hardly ever do.
The biggest upside to Kayanmata though is that it doesn’t look like a punishment or a death wish.

Unlike the Kamasutra, Kayanmata doesn’t require strength, flexibility, or hours of practice.
It doesn’t look like something that you should be getting a regulators’ license, insurance cover, or injury waiver before attempting.

Practitioners of Kamasutra attest to how pleasurable it is. Users of Kayanmata testify to how enjoyable its product is.
Considering that the intention is similar, shouldn’t we just go for the easier one?

As for those who can dare to take Kayanmata before attempting the Kamasutra, when you are done, kindly tell us how beautiful heaven must be.
As for me, aseju ni Kamasutra. Kayamata ti tó fún iṣẹ tó wà nilè.

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