Funny Identity – Oliver De Coque (Song Of The Day)

Every once in a while, something happens that gives old music piece or artwork, a new lease of life. Funny Identity by Oliver De Coque is currently enjoying one of such runs.

Growing up in hyper-cosmopolitan Lagos, I got to hear a lot of music from different backgrounds. I grew up believing that Oliver De Coque was the king of everything music from the east of Nigeria.
Songs like opportunity, people’s club, biri ka mbiri and funny Identity were testament to this.
There are other musical greats from the east, but we must pay special homage to Oliver De Coque.

The recent Stingy Men Association wave that swept through Nigerian social media also swept in a couple of songs that buttressed their points. Funny Identity was one of such.

Watching Don Jazzy dance and mime to it brought back memories of men in the beer parlor in front of my house, happily singing in all sorts of voices, as they try to drown their worries away.

I hope the unearthing of this song also exposes younger Nigerians to the treasure trove of music they stand to enjoy if they go old school.