Nigerian Senators And Their Tearful Protest – Josh Journal

There has been a recent craze of Nigerian Senators, commissioners, and other politicians lamenting about the state of the country and their respective states.
A piece of bad news regarding security, economics, or some other thing pops up, and their tear ducts open up like a waterfall.

The language that these senators employ in their lamentations paints a picture of helplessness. Not just the helplessness of the masses, but the helplessness of the ruling class.
Anyone with a basic understanding of how government works knows this is untrue.

A secondary school student that just completed the topic of three arms of government and separation of power knows how powerful the Senate, as the upper arm of the legislature is.
The fact that most of these dramatist senators are members of the ruling party is even more dumbfounding.

If any of our distinguished senators, commissioners, house of representatives, and state house of assembly members do not know the power they possess, that paints a picture of cluelessness rather than helplessness.
We the electorate should find that even more disturbing.

A Senate that stood by as people that failed security and senatorial screening got ministerial and other federal appointments, of what use is that whole house?
Or should we talk about a senator beating up a shop attendant, or slapping and fighting his constituents? How is anything good supposed to come out of that Senate?

With all sense of duty, patriotism, and honesty, we can come to the conclusion that this is the most useless and unproductive Senate Nigeria has had the displeasure of bearing since the 1999 return to democracy.
They are probably the worst in the history of the country. And that is taking into cognizance the farce and figurehead ones we had during the military era.

When we citizens who have no power to appoint a minister or query the president, witness our supposedly “honorable” senators crying in public, what are we supposed to do?
Commiserate with them? Sympathize with them? Apologize on behalf of the criminal elements that caused their crocodile tears? Or join them in crying?

How come no minister, senator, governor, commissioner, or local government chairman across Nigeria has resigned in protest at the ugly state of the country?
At this point, I would even applaud the resignation of a ward counselor.

Why is it easier to cry than to resign in protest? Or are they all fine with the situation of things?
Why haven’t one elected or appointed public office holder turned down their salary? Or better still, donate it to a charity, as an acknowledgment of their failure to remedy the nation?

Or is crying a panacea to all the ills affecting the nation?
At the barest minimum, why is no member of the ruling party renouncing their membership, or moving to an opposition party in protest of their mismanagement of the country?

Or are they all fine with the state of the nation?
At this point, I can’t help wondering if our senators are not collecting crying allowance. Or is it that they take turns deciding who would shed the next “patriotic” and “concerned” tears?

In the midst of all these, I just hope none of them plans on writing a biography on how the party handicapped them after they depart the hallowed chambers.
I hope we don’t see tell-all interviews and populist media rounds.

If you believe there is something wrong with Nigeria, now is the time to act. Don’t speak up and cry, then go back to collect your salaries and allowances.
There is always the option of keeping quiet and allowing your name to forever rest in infamy. But at least, deny your children the disgrace of seeing you cry like a little bitch.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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