Ilu – Asa (Song Of The Day)

Ilu by Asa is a song I love but wish never existed. It is a piece of artistic brilliance, beautifully composed, yet reflecting the state of a highly deplored nation.

The awesomeness that is Asa despite being highly extolled cannot be over applauded. I cannot exactly remember which of her songs I heard first, but there is a high probability that it is Fire on the mountain. That is also a beautiful piece that pitifully paints the ugly state of Nigeria.

I remember buying her eponymous album and buying every album she has released since then. You can imagine my shock years later, when I stumbled on a C.D Jacket with her picture and name on it, containing songs I had never heard about.
If the vendor knew how desperate I was to lay my hand on that disc, he probably would have charged me ten thousand Naira for it.
Guess what. I would have gladly paid the fee. Without haggling.

I cannot describe the euphoric feeling that engulfed me as I played through the album, titled Down On Me. Ignorance truly is bliss. But for me, knowing that I was blessed with this collection of music is something I have been grateful for ever since.
I will one day write an album review for Down On Me. Hopefully I am able to articulate my thought on that album. If you can, do search for it and I am sure you won’t regret it.

Just in case you are still split-minded about it, it was majorly produced by Cobhams Asuquo. You can hear his response to Asa’s English rendition of Eye Adaba. That was where the name of the Album comes from.

The song Ilu talks is first of all a lamentation on the state of Nigeria. If Asa knew that Nigeria was going to get this bad, she probably would have delayed releasing this song until now.

Ilu secondly is a warning to Nigeria’s ruling class to reflect on their decisions, actions and inactions, and how it is hurtling the nation into a state that can now best be described as irreparable damage.

It is a pity that it is now up to our entertainers like Naira Marley, Burna Boy, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage to be the voice of reason.
I hope that one day, we or our children can look back to a song like this and be grateful that we have bettered our nation. Cos it will really hurt if the era of this song comes back to be referred to as “the good old days“.

Ilu Lyrics

Ti ilu o ba dun
Ti ilu o ba dun at all
Ti ilu o ba dun
Eyin le mo be se se
Ti ilu oba dun
Ti ilu oba dun at all
Ti ilu oba dun
Eyin le mo be se se

I remember, long time ago
I remember, laye ati ijo
Bomu shiling kan lofi ra onje si ile
Baba aje yeyeaje pmo aje ti yo

Onje aje ju
Onje aje wobi
Onje aje yi
Amo nisi, nisinisi
Gari tiwon, epa ti tan
Sibi ile wa gbolude

Ti ilu oba dun
Ti ilu oba toro at all
Ti ilu oba dun
Eyin le mo be sese

There was once a time
Dollar je naira lowo
There was once a time, a jeun lati ara cocoa
There was once a time, mo re ilu oyinbo sere
Mo sere lo mo sere bo
Kosi wetin you carry
Ah ah
Moje aje bi
Moje aje wobi
Moje aje yi
Moje se sere
Amo nisi, nisinisi
Ilu oda ole nja
Naira lowa je dollar lowo

Ti ilu oba dun
Ti ilu oba toro at all
Ti ilu oba dun
Eyin le mo besese
Oh oh
Ti ilu oba dun ti ilu oba toro at all
Ti ilu oba dun
Eyin le mo besese