Service: A Model Inmate (Genesis 40) – JOSHUA’S NOTE

Even though Joseph had been terribly mistreated, he maintained a humble spirit and a tender heart.
Happiness and moral duty are inseparable connected. – George Washington.
Joseph reached out to others and remained faithful, even when he was betrayed or in difficult circumstances.
God’s timing is perfect.
In the process of making us wait for answers, God is preparing us for His answer.
He will take whatever time is necessary to grow your character to match His assignment for you…. Character-building can be long and painful. – Henry Blackaby.
Server God right where you are.
It’s Christ in you and the outpouring of His love through your words, your warmth and your walk that will impact humanity for Him.
It is Jesus’ face reflected in your face that will open others’ eyes to the possibility that there is a God.
In the Bible, love often refer to action – stuff we do, rather than stuff we feel.
Accept life’s challenges as growth exercises that Christ expects us to handle faithfully.
Let your action speak and show love.
You can serve God by striving to be an encouragement – Godly people who offer kindness and compassion. Faithful people who are willing to reach out to those who have been wounded by discouragers.
Ask the Lord to show you how to be merciful as He is. He reaches out to the unlovable, befriends those the world would rather forget and touches those who seem untouchable.

This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Six of the book “Stand: Seeking The Way Of God” by Alex McFarland.
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