Song Of The Day: Faze- Need Someone

This is a song that describes a kind of love that is selfless, everlasting, passionate, caring, and a whole lot more.
Faze gives his all on this song, He talks about loving in a way that is unreserved and not selfish.
He talks about protecting the girl he loves, standing up for her, giving her all his got, respecting her, never cheating on her, and most importantly, never hurting her.
This is easily one of Faze’s best song ever.
Tonight song is dedicated to every lady who’s out there, on a quest for true love
May God help you to find that man that was meant for you and will treat you in a way that wil leave you ever happy and satisfied (Amen.)
And for all the gentlemen out there, please treat every lady you meet courteously. It not only makes her happy, It makes you a better man .