Song Of The Day: Bebe and Cece Winans & Mavis Staples – I’ll Take You There

Cece and Bebe Winans, Looking good as always.
 This song is simply out of this world, each time I listen to it, I feel different, I actually spent a whole day listening to only this music, I never got tired of it.
 I actually have no idea what genre of music to classify it as, probably “Heavenly Music”. Although I do know that music in Heaven will surely sound greater than that, after all, it’s God who’ll put that in our mouth.
 If Music is an anti-depressant, then this is the peak of it all, It surely is an enhancer, as well as being addictive. It’s simply crazy, Christian, Cool, Creative Masterpiece, I just don’t know what to say.
 I can remember listening to it as a little kid, and being enchanted by it, getting caught up in it, and repeating the chorus non-stop, and not knowing the lyrics perfectly but enjoying it non the less.
 Bebe, Cece and Mavis simply killed it. Their voice was soothing, the lyrics is insightful, the tempo is just perfect, I’ve actually run out of words to describe it. 
 Just so I don’t kill your appetite for it, I’ll step away and allow You enjoy the song Yourself.
Don’t forget, “I’ll take You there”.