Childhood Lasts Forever – Josh Journal

It is a general belief that as we grow, we drop the things of childhood and embrace adulthood. True enough, it is wise and the right thing to do to stop acting like a child, thinking like one, and speaking like one.
At the same time, there are some parts of our childhood that stay with us, even until old age. Except we go out of our way to break its hold on us.

The most powerful of these elements that never leave are the pains and gains of childhood. No matter how old you get, with or without your knowledge, it remains just underneath the surface.
Most times, you cannot see it manifest in your own life, but it is noticeable in orders. Because we mostly forge new relationships as we get older, we can’t tell if what we are witnessing is a product of one’s childhood.

If you know the signs to look for, if you ask the right questions, if you listen for subtexts and try to understand motives, you will be able to discern between seeds planted in the past and present follies.
This is a major reason I try to reserve judgment on someone’s character or action until I have a better knowledge of their background.

It explains their fears, insecurities, concerns, doubts, and limitations. You think they are just like that as adults, but forget that all of this is an accumulation of years of trauma, negative impressions, rejections, and hostility.
As much as I would love for you to start taking note of these in others, more importantly, you need to check for it in yourself.

Just as you need to be kind to others, forgive their past, and help them heal from childhood traumas, you need to do the same for yourself first.
It is after you have found the strength to pull yourself out of your past, then you can welcome others into your wholesome present.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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