Do Professional Dancers Get Married?

With the number of dance videos from weddings that I have seen, I couldn’t help wondering, do professional dancers get married?
Before you wonder if I am serious, I actually am.

You too, think about it. From the praise and worship dance at church to dancing after signing the wedding certificate, exiting the church, reception entrance, couples dance, general dance, how do you think professional dancers would do on such a day.

We have all seen great choreography at weddings, but have you ever heard anyone credit one of such to a professional dancer?
We have seen real steppers, people that held the hall spellbound with their dance moves, if they were professional dancers, don’t you think someone would have mentioned that?

For all the dance videos I have seen from weddings, none has been “professional dancers” worthy.
Don’t get me wrong, they are good. Nigerians are good dancers, to begin with. The dance will naturally be good. But professional dancers will up the ante. Especially if it is two professional dancers getting married.

First, I would expect the dancing area to be larger than the sitting area. Secondly, the bridesmaids and groomsmen should be dancers from their crew.
Thirdly, every section of the wedding that is not dance-related should be summarized into twenty percent of the total time.

More importantly, the entrance dance is supposed to be one for the ages. An epochal affair. The type that would leave tongues wagging for years to come.
And when the wedding party eventually gets to dance, parents should get physically tired just from watching dance moves.

In these days of social media, the wedding should trend for days. People should be fixated on the clips for weeks.
Every year, on the anniversary of the wedding, never before seen footages should be dropping and people should get talking all over again.

Dance is very important to Nigerians, and professional dancers should be on top of that food chain.
The food, drinks, and other logistics might have been a flop at the wedding, but the music and dance should be unparalleled.

On second thought, maybe professional dancers are already tired and want to keep the dancing to a minimum on their special day.
Maybe their pastors and parents warn them to get through the ceremony without excessive dancing. Or just maybe they are so love-struck, that they forget how to dance.

I don’t know enough professional dancers. This would have been my next discussion with them.
More important than any dance, I hope they go on to have a successful marriage and a happy home.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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