Song Of The Day: Whitney Houston – Greatest Love Of All

 Learning to Love yourself, Is the “Greatest Love Of All”. This is one of the many lessons I learned from this timeless music.
 This is easily the greatest song Whitney Houston ever did, and to me, it remains one of the best song ever written in the history of mankind, both lyrically, production wise, and i any other way a music can be ranked.
 This song is loaded with endless lessons, right from the first line to the last, and it seems every line is actually filled with a timeless lessons.
 Please, even if you wouldn’t listen to the song, please, take timeout to read the lyrics, it might change actually change your perception of Life forever.
 I strongly believe that if people will live by the principles outlined in this music, then we’ll have a world filled with happier and more loving people.
 Remember, “The Greatest Love of All is Inside of You”.