The Police Is Your Friend.

That is one thing you’ll find on the walls of every police-station in Nigeria (as well as “Bail is Free.”) This has hardly ever been true, except in miraculously exceptional cases, but in recent days, this statement is becoming true.
The average Nigerian is almost tempted to run whenever he sees a policeman, and this is thanks to endless cases of police brutality, victimization, bribery and extortion. This is even made worse with the slow reaction of the police to crisis calls, as well as delay in execution of justice, as well as the slow pace of most police investigations.
But it seems things are changing, as the new Inspector-General of police has made it a personal mission to change the face of the police force, with his ban of “check-point” almost every Nigerian is singing his praise, and are beginning to have faith in the police-force once again.
If this positive trend continues, and the crime rate is significantly reduced all over the country, then every Nigerian will begin to see the Police as His/Her friend and will no longer fear them, but love and respect them.