Knowing And Doing – Josh Journal

A running theme in my journal this year has been the distance between knowing and doing.
Looking around me, I realized I am not the only person who fails in closing that gap. Truth is I am a voracious consumer of knowledge.

The saying, “if you want to hide something from people, keep it between the pages of a book” doesn’t apply to me.
My fascination with books started as a child. I realized that books contained things that no one was either willing or capable of telling me.
Thankfully, it was a habit I maintained and improved on as I grew.

Add to this the seminars, symposiums, workshops, talk shops, and conferences I have attended. If heads grew physically bigger cause of information, mine would.
The number of random stuffs that pop up in my mind at opportune and unnecessary moments, I can’t quantify them. So I definitely can remember what I read.

Other than this, I still learn from masterclasses and other online tutorials on professional and life skills.
Where I have a problem though is bringing what I know into fruition. The irony is that if you come to me seeking advice and insight on almost anything, I would have useful and practicable information for you.

It is also easy for me to help you find the motivation to implement said advice. But, doing the same for myself, that is the challenge.
Maybe I should go into consultancy.
Better still, maybe I should start treating myself as a client.

I know I am not the only one in this predicament. It is something I have witnessed repeatedly.
I know closing the gap between knowing and doing will make astronomical changes in my quality of life.

This is the year to start practising what I know. I already started. Will you do the same?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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