Ready or Not – Ezekiel and Janette (P4CM)

I cannot remember the first time I heard a “Spoken Word” performed. I just knew I had heard a couple of performances and was quite drawn to it. The first time I heard Ready or not, I began to see Poetry, Performance, Spoken Words, Arts and Evangelism differently. It is over six years since I first heard Ready or Not, yet between then and now, now spoken word have had that same impact on me.
I will like to describe this more, but I am a hundred percent certain that listening to it yourself will do better justice to it.

 Ready or Not Lyrics

I’m trying to remember why I was created. Or at least, that’s what I’d like you to think. Because amnesia sounds a lot better than just plain ignorance.  Well…even ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge, see I’m just faking it. Pretending as if I don’t know, when really I do.
 I felt less than what my designer thought was best. So I sup “pressed” who He super “natural”ly intended me to be, no lie I got relaxed, then I combined, by “weaving” in a little bit of His will with a whole lot of mine.  So how do I look? Cos I think I look good!
I have Time, to change and to fix any minor things I may lack, it’s not like He’s coming back… tomorrow. Seriously, how long have we heard, these are the last days It’s the same old song, I mean is it just me or do these last days seem to be lasting kinda long.
I know I’m not perfect. I’ve had so many, I couldn’t count my falls #Niagara Instead of responding to His calls, I’d rather schedule Him #Viagra
Whatever is wrong I know that He can heal, but I want the cattle on a thousand hills with the ability to still grab the wheel while grasping on to my own will like Jacob to Esau’s heel. My love is based and His love is based on how I feel.
He loves me He loves me not, like pulling petals off flowers. Yes He’s coming back but no man knows the day or the hour…?

Where have you been? I’ve been at the altar, waiting for you…

To repent…  What happened you’ve…

Lost weight yes, I wanted to look good for you so I haven’t been eating my Daily…

Bread of heaven is who I am. But it’s scary, I give you loaves of my word but you getting by with the crumbs of commentaries.  You needed…

I needed a makeover… No one was attracted to me, so I dressed up the gospel, stayed silent seeing sin saturate sanctuaries,  shadowing sight smoky eyes  because you know…you are love.

No, I am your “cover…girl”…I “make up” for your lacks and deficiencies, I’m your very “foundation”, see I blend with you perfectly, no need for concealer for I’m the revealer of all. Don’t you recall when I tore your veil?

So you’re saying you don’t like my lashes and you don’t like my nails?

You don’t understand! You don’t understand.  I took lashes for your lashes and nails for your nails. But If I’m not gaining your heart, then I’m just losing time…because More than I want you to be outwardly beautiful, I need you to be mine.

Ok But we’re here now so let’s just get on with the ceremony

Knowing… there will be no one in attendance? You never extended any invitations. Too excited about the reception, and the gifts that you would get that you forgot my (presence).

(Presents) and dollar dances quarters nickels and

The world could keep their dimes, pieces of silver don’t impress me…don’t forget what happened to Judas…

You just failed to see that I’ve changed. I admit I grew distant and lost sight of you the absolute value. Missing the sign so now at times with ignorance at times I cosin unable to stay away from tangents, I thought I had the “right” angle.

Look I know your heart has been broken but if you can keep your eyes “fixed” on me I can re-pair us. And we will be one no longer be Fractions.  Being dominated by denominations

Yet I choose to stay Divided like Palestinian nations

Yes, your fouls have been flagrant. Your fouls have been flagrant but I am positive I’m the one for you! But we equal nothing if u continue to be the negative one in this Equation

Can you sense… my frustration?

You are Holy, so I have to impose what’s legalistic, making appeals for what you already acquitted, obsessed with overruling your objections, purposely plucking purpose,

Professing prosperity, practicing pride, prosecuting people persistently. When you became the Judge, you took away the Saint’s defence and see you’ve silenced the testimonies of my witness, so no one’s ever convicted, yet so many of my children are turned away from life because you condemn them with your  death penalty sentence.

Not all of them. Which reminds me… about their entrance. In the Lamb’s Book of Life some of the names you may have skipped, so with attendance I stamped their wrists so that they can get in. The VIP section, we don’t address their sin, neither do we offend. Bouncers don’t trip on those who abundantly give. Besides, all of their praying grandmothers had a plus one on the list.

Well tell them, they won’t see me, by visiting you routinely. Be the example, that you need relationship with me. You are more than stained glassed windows, pulpits, pew and singers ‘cause if you really want to see my church, just Look in the mirror.

But you wanted me to be fine, righteous, perfect and eloquent. But this land seemed desolate and needed development. I exceeded your budget so I withdrew from Tyra’s “bank”, continuing to remodel, staying culturally relevant. My girl Katrina called and said hurricanes and hard times came and you didn’t make yourself evident.

I told you I would never leave thee nor forsake thee

I hear you but I had immediate needs.

But you promised that you would…

Wait for me

Wait for you?

By the way what happened to your ring?

My ring?

You don’t remember the ring, when I called you out of darkness and into marvellous things. You wear it IN you, not ON you. It was my spirit, my sign to remind you AND your ex who you really belong to.

My ring, I pawned for money to get back to who I thought was my first love. He spoke to me with words so sweet… He “waves” and I feel the “shore”ness of my wrong decision. Shifted my view. He wanted me to “sea” breeze so I could forget where the “Son” sets. Next, I was convinced I didn’t need to repent for my sin. He told me that he could wash me with the “Tide” that was coming in.  The weather was pleasant on the Atlantic surface, but as I got to his core the temperature drastically changed. Yes, I contacted an STD. He “burned” me at about 9,800 degrees. He was my earth, he was my world. And I’m sorry to tell you but there’s more.

Did you think I wouldn’t notice?… the symptoms and the signs, and your unexplainable cravings for sin of all kinds, you even had trouble sleeping.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy didn’t come in the morning sickness.  So now in my shame and my mourning you witnessed me take the pill for the morning after coincidently located right next to my box of alabaster. I was too shameful to bring forth Al a bastard…

Stirred lies of wicked men’s tongues started deceiving you, and automatically planted the seeds of deceit in you. And when u were pregnant with falsehood it became impossible to “conceive” the truth.

(The truth) made me free, but I ran back to what I was comfortable with. Being enslaved a mind depraved. I’m sure you don’t want me now. I’m not worth the price You paid….

They flogged me with whips, that left my flesh stripped. I was Beat with their instruments, rhythmically, which caused my skin, to bleed symphonies.  I can still remember the hooks. Like a chorus, and those weren’t just 66 letters they were musical scores, which contained the every note to keep us on one accord, for you to always have the right keys to my heart’s doors.

I just wanted a sample, but I repeat sin like looping 8 bars. And on my own tempo I began to embark.  Instead of following your instrumentation, I drown out your heartbeat of tympani, and your strings of harmonies, ignore the woodwinds of your spirit, if your trumpet sounds I wouldn’t hear it or even the brass ring, cos I’ve  laid tracks upon  tracks of acapella, so I can hear myself sing.
Majoring in minor, has left me scratched like broken records, causing my life to, causing my life to, causing my life to — stutter.  I’m a false instructor pretending as if I’m watching the conductor. I’m too unlawful to be your wife and I’ll probably never recover.

My WILL, was put to the test, when I had to choose to escape glory and escape in glory, or to bear torment upon my flesh. YOU, were the reason I embraced that cross, like my child, whom was long lost. MARRY, my own mother couldn’t even recognize the disfigured face of her son. ME, is what I gave you on Calvary when it was done.
I told you I loved you. How much? Well, I showed you. You called it crucifixion. I call it “proposal”. WILL YOU MARRY Me… You don’t need a third party, you have direct access to me. We don’t even have to worry about remembering our anniversary, because I’ve yet to find a calendar with a date for eternity.

I, need, your

GRACE and MERCY is what I lavish upon you. You had a love recession, but I can supply the missing peace that your heart demands, and then

Some cry over spilled milk, I weep over spilled…

Blood which cannot be measured in pints to count

(My love)

Was contingent on what was instant

I know I had to come

To repentance

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do

Father forgive me for I know not what I’ve done

I’ll get myself together I’ll clean myself up

Please, allow me. I’m the only one that can make you clean.

Without Spot, Without Wrinkle, without Blemish

Your bridesmaid’s goodness and mercy shall follow you. It is already finished It was you who I chose, even though I called many. I am coming back for you.

Will you be ready OR NOT???

Ready or Not is performed by Ezekiel and Janette… ikz and is brought to you courtesy of Passion 4 Christ Ministry. 
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