Singlet And Boxers – YMCMPP

We are just about a month from St Valentine’s day, and sales of singlet and boxers have started to go up again.
Is there a massive cultural dance about to go down that we are not aware of?

Our economic advisory team and market analyst have crunched the numbers. Party members who trade in singlet and boxers have confirmed to us that it is young ladies and women who have been buying up their stock.

Does this mean that even in the year 2021 of our Lord and Saviour, it is still boxers and singlet, and maybe a pair of socks and handkerchief, that women are planning to give their spouses?
While men go all out to wow them, our women just buy the flimsiest and cheapest of all the items that a man needs to wear and present it to men as gifts.
We thought we agreed that this should end with 2020?

We at the YMCMPP declare that enough is enough. This must come to an end. By voting us into government, we can guarantee that we will put a stop to this.
Every year, there is a new iPhone. This year, the women who haven’t got their spouses one, still have the choice of a PS5.
And if those two are above your tax bracket, the market is still large enough and filled with enough items your significant other would appreciate.

Flip the table. Ask yourself, if all my man got for me every year, on Valentine’s day and on my birthday, was one pair of pant and bra. Sometimes, not even matching ones. How would you feel?
It is things like this that is responsible for the creation of the Stingy Men Association.

The time has come for our women to be more imaginative. If you refuse to do it peaceably now, then wait until we become the government.
Sales of singlet and boxers will be banned immediately after Christmas, and only resume after Valentine’s day.

And anyone who hoards them ahead, or stubbornly goes ahead to present them as gifts will be severely punished and fined. This is irrespective of how fine they are.
Let us see what gifts you will start giving then.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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