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After my struggle to keep reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, I can proudly say I’m back reading.
This is great news for me. I tend to get fixated on something and unable to move on to something else until I comprehensively conclude it.

I had started reading Outliers on the first day of the year. Going through the introduction was a breeze. (Those of you that read books but skip the preface and introduction, how do you sleep at night?)
By the time I got to chapter one, it became a drag. At that point, I realized my plan to read a chapter a day was not going to work out.

By the third day of the year, I couldn’t open the book anymore. The book has remained on my table ever since.
When a friend, Mary Ogundimu, announced she’ll be releasing her book early in March, I knew I had to get it.

Suffering and Smiling was a book that told her story of transiting out of Nigeria’s banking sector to self-employment.
As someone who has an endless appetite for understanding different dimensions of the human story, this is one story I needed to read.

The problem though is that I am stuck in a reading funk. As a writer, I have never experienced writer’s block. Why would I then as a reader be experiencing reader’s block?
It doesn’t make any sense. Wait. Is reader’s block even a thing?

I had to decide to consciously come out of this phase. If I didn’t, I might end the year without reading any book. And I have a massive library to consume this year.
At first, I thought I’ll be needing a palate cleanser. Something to take my mind off my inability to finish the previous book, and prepare my mind for Mary Ogundimu’s Suffering and Smiling.

I would have said I needed to whet my appetite, but I know my appetite needs no whetting. Books are the one thing I am known to never be able to get enough of.
My copy of the book was delivered yesterday, but I was unable to open it due to exhaustion.

A friend saw it and immediately opened it. He has also seen the adverts and was interested. He informed me that it was signed to me.
As inquisitive as I was to know what the note said, I was still too tired to check it out.

Today I did. I would have liked to share this note with you, but it feels kind of personal to me.
Very few things move me, but this note did.
The book is a short one. An easy read too. And very enjoyable.

I’m glad to inform you that at this moment, I have read two chapters today.
The story is so engrossing that I would have read through it without dropping it. But I have decided to do everything in moderation this year.
Including reading.

This already promises to be a pleasant and educative experience. I’m enjoying every moment of it so far.
As tempted as I am to write a review on the book, I think it would serve us all well if you get your own copy.
You can get it at
I’m happy to be back reading. You should do the same.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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