My Birthday Speech.

Joshua “Joswil” Wilson

On a Monday, the 30th day of March, 1992, A phenomenal event took place, in a small town in Lagos state, Agege to be precise, a young boy was born. There was laughter, Joy, and Happiness. Seven days later, Family members, Friends and Other well wishers gathered for His christening. His father named Him Joshua, and his Journey through Life begun.
 Thirteen years later, this young boy finished his Junior Secondary School, and had to make His first Big decision. He was to decide either to become a Science, Commercial or Art student in his Senior Secondary School. People already expected him to become the next big engineer out of the country, or probably a doctor, or maybe something big in the field of  Science and Technology. But contrary to popular opinion and expectations, He decided to take the less traveled road. He was going to be an Art student. A lot of people advised him against it, but he was insistent, claiming this was the field he had the least knowledge, but more interest.
 Thus began the sojourn of Joshua “Joswil” Wilson into the world of Arts and Entertainment. Three years down the line, August 2008 precisely, He finished Secondary School, and decided that before going off into the University, He was going to try his hand at Multimedia production.
 Long story short, Three years later, Joshua is a Video editor, Creative Writer, and M.D/C.E.O of GIG Entertainment, the company of His dream, which he co-founded with a couple of like minded friends.
 He is not currently a big player in the entertainment industry, but in the next couple of years, He and His friends are surely going to be taking over the Nigerian as well as African Entertainment Industry.
 I am Joshua Wilson,
 I say there’s no stopping me as long as I’ve got God on my side.
 And if You know You are not in My life to Help, then You had better get out of My life at the next opportunity You get.
 So Ladies and Gentle Man, I say a let’s make a Toast to Greatness,
 See You at the Top.