Curiosity Killed The Cat; Or Did It?

I have heard since I was young that curiosity killed the cat. I took this in; line, hook, and sinker. That was until I myself got curious.
Did curiosity really kill the cat or are did they tell us this to kill our inquisitive nature?
Were they trying to prevent us from knowing things that the cat knew?
What if the cat actually died for knowing too much?

Apparently, this saying is said to curb curiosity. The problem with hindering inquisitiveness is that learning and innovation get hampered.
And who suffers for this? All of us.
Knowledge and understanding are only gotten by learning. If you stop being curious, then what is your motivation to learn? Exam? Certificate? What happens when you are done with them?
When you stop learning, you stop growing. You stagnate and get into a state of dormancy and inertia.

There is a minor snapback we overlook though. Things are hardly ever stagnant. There is almost always going to be progress or retrogression.
In this age of hyper-connectivity, information sharing, and constant evolution, if you are not progressing, you are definitely retrogressing.
If you fail to learn the latest facts, principles, best practices, and hacks in your area of speciality, you will go extinct faster than the dodo. Or dinosaurs.

You must stay curious, keep learning, continue evolving, and never be left behind.
And when next they tell you curiosity killed the cat, tell them it did not.
That it is why the cat has nine lives.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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