Ọmọ Pastor: New Faces (The Women I Love)

One Sunday, we got to church and were informed that our pastor had been replaced.
The former pastor had been leading the church before I was born. He wasn’t exactly an old man yet, so he wasn’t retiring. Instead, he was being sent to another country as a missionary.

Our new pastor meanwhile was introduced to the church by the outgoing pastor. In his farewell remark, he thanked the church for the privilege to lead and extracted a promise of support for the new pastor.
There were no dry eyes among the adults.

It looked odd to me, seeing elderly men and women, some older than the outgoing pastor, shedding tears.
He promised to send feedback from his missionary journey, as well as visit the church whenever he is in the country.
Then it was the turn of the new pastor to mount the podium.

Pastor Tega as he would come to be known was a soft-spoken man. It was like he was careful with his words so as not to hurt them.
The man actually looked older than our outgoing pastor. Apparently, he was a prayer warrior and was known for his miracle exploits.

Despite his soft-spoken nature, the power and authority with which he prayed was a wonder to behold.
After giving an introductory remark in which he promised to make our church a center for revival and miracle, everyone got excited.

Both pastors eventually knelt down and the congregation prayed for them and their new offices. They also took a few pictures together, along with the church elders. Then the service was over.
Both Pastors walked together to the exit where the church members got to personally say goodbye and welcome respectively. We went mostly as families.

When it got to my family’s turn, after saying hello to my parents and siblings, our pastor introduced me specially to Pastor Tega.
He told him how I was a special young man and he needed to look out for me.

As I shook hands with Pastor Tega, I looked behind him and saw an elderly woman and three delectable, effervescent, and beautiful young ladies. They were in the company of our outgoing pastor’s family.
I caught myself staring as I zoned out on whatever Pastor Tega was saying.
I saw my mother walk away to join them. She pulled my sisters along with her.

In a very short time, we said our goodbyes and excused the pastors.
As we walked home, I asked my younger sister who they were. Offhandedly, she told me that that was the pastor’s family.

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