Wimpathy (Word For The Week)

Wimpathy is a useless sympathy given by a wimp, for suffering or failure caused by his inability or refusal to step up to the occasion.
It can also be where sympathy that offers no value or change is being offered, rather than actions or tough love.

Thanks to fear of cancel-culture, political correctness, refusal to learn more and engage, lots of people are refusing to rise to the occasion.
Some will argue that they are failing to rise to the occasion, I see it as a refusal. Failure will signify that an attempt was made. Wimps are not failing. They are refusing.

Where they should be counted, they wimp out. With a friend, acquaintance, or even stranger coming under attack, they will wait until the assailant (whether physical or virtual) is done before offering wimpathy.
The drains are filled with dirt and this will lead to flooding. Wimps will refuse to galvanize the necessary people to clear it out. Instead, they’ll come after the flood, offer wimpathy, then talk about how they knew it would get flooded because the drainage was blocked.

The current political climate was enabled by wimps. They refused to oppose the government when it was driving the country off the rails. They refused to engage in discussion on policy and polity.
When the country then devolves into recession and political oppression, they then offer wimpathy that betters nothing. Sometimes, from the comfort of another country.

The most disheartening of wimpathy is the one you get from someone you consider a friend. They just watched you get hurt, betrayed, or disappointed. They could have done something to prevent it, but refused.
Now they want to commiserate or comfort you. Those are more of frenemies than friends.

You also need to check yourself. Are you displaying tendencies of being a wimp? Simp? Or dupe?
Are you always the person that says “sorry, but I knew that will happen”? Yet you never say anything before it happened.

You need to change your ways. As much as people may turn down your warnings, or be uncomfortable with corrections, it is still better to give out the warning, than have to give out a wimpathy of a sorry.
Wherever you are, you are there for a purpose. Your purpose cannot be negative. Stop being useless. Don’t be the one that is present as if they are absent.

When it is time to be counted, to make a difference, stand up and be counted.
We may all never get to be big heroes for big occasions, but we can surely be small heroes, time and again, and make big changes.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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