National Association Of Hundred Naira Lovers

This is a Public Service Announcement from the highly prestigious National Association Of Hundred Naira Lovers.
It has come to our attention over at the NAHHL that the government and a bunch of other Nation Hating Citizens of our beloved country, Nigeria, have decided to deface our most beautiful currency note.
The hundred Naira note, historically, with the amount of design work put into it remains the most beautiful and aesthetic pleasing Naira note that our country has. Why the government of the day has decided to sit by and watch it continue to be abused, defaced and disrespected by all and sundry remains a mystery to all hundred Naira lovers.
Accepted, the hundred Naira is not as symbolically unifying as the WaZoBia fifty Naira note. It is also not as valuable as the one thousand Naira, thereby not aiding and abetting corruption and theft of public (and private) funds. Still, it is a national treasure.
The amount of disgusting, ugly and smelly looking hundred Naira in circulation is beginning to constitute a public nuisance. It is a national disgrace and the government must put an end to this.
Now that the election season is coming to an end, we the National Association Of Hundred Naira Lovers demand that the Federal Government treats the production and circulation of new Hundred Naira notes as a national emergency. New notes should replace the old ones before the inauguration of all elected officials come May 29, or else we the lovers of hundred Naira note will begin to move for the recall and impeachment of Mr President.
A word is enough for the wise.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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