Grab a glass and share this toast with me

 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally crossed over into 2013. I know I’m a couple of weeks late, but I had to stay over in 2012 to sort out some personal issues, and now I’m through with them, I can finally begin my 2013.
 It will be very ordinary for me to begin this new year like any other, so I’ve taken time to sort out some pretty personal stuffs, and I’ve decided to share with everyone. I’ll start off by giving a new year shout out to everyone who made my 2012 memorable. Hopefully, 2013 would be even more LEGENDARILY-AWESOME. In no particular order, or in order of my favorites (anyhow you want it.) Here are the people who made my year.
 Tobisco: Yea, right, my best friend in the whole world. He shared my best and worst moments with me, challenged and encouraged me, prevented me from making a fool outta myself lots of time, and most importantly, has been a part of my search for “The One”. He is easily one of the best and most important piece of my life for about three to five years now. When I do get married (Sometimes later this year “fingers crossed”) He is going to be my bestman. I hope we do get to rock the year 2012 Bro style.
 My Parents: I’ll tell anyone who cares to listen, If every child gets the kinda support, love and upbringing my parents gave me, The world is surely gonna be a better place. I’ve never regretted having them in my life over the last twenty one years, and hopefully this year things will only get better. They are one of the main reason I’m closer to my goals now than I ever was. I pray 2013 gives us a lot more reason to celebrate.
 My Aunty: Anyone who knows my aunty, Aunty Justina, would know how much of a wonderful person she is. She oozes of awesomeness. I think having her in my life gives me an edge over others. Seriously though, she helps make life choices easier, keeps me thinking straight, and comes to my rescue whenever necessary. I pray she gets all she desires this year, and hope I can give her more reasons to be happy.
 My Siblings: Those guys rock, funny moment, tiring moments, best elder brother in the world, Theo, and really crazy younger ones, and a really lovely younger sister.
 Ada Obi a.k.a Derby: She’s my female best friend. Straight up and simple. She changed a lot of things about me, giving me a new perspective, and allowing me to see things better from the female perspective. I hope we do get closer this year, and she gets happier over the days. She’s a really great friend, and I value her over most.
 Fela & John X: Those are my two best friends in Senior and Junior Secondary School respectively. 2012 wasn’t Our best year together, but I did get closer to John X, while Fela went off to the University. This two guys were pivotal in shaping me during the most fragile period of my life, primarily during my pre-teen and early teenage years. I hope we get to hang out more often this year, cos I do miss our stimulating and crazy conversations.
 Princess Bose: In April 2012, I got a news that closes a chapter of my life, and opened the door to a new future. Thanks to this news item, I now saw myself from a new perspective, and although it was kinda disappointing (as in selfishly speaking) It still remained the best news of the year 2012 to me. Yea, my classmate from senior secondary school, and one of my long time crushes had given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Now before any of my class mates from high school begin the whole “wow, crush” talk, seriously, which of you guys never had a crush on Bose. If you didn’t you gotta get yourself checked out. In all sincerity, I’m still jealous and angry with her baby daddy. Seriously, the dude just stole Bose right from under our noses, or should I say right outta my face. But then, that was a great reason to smile in 2012, and baby Joanne is looking beautiful and doing well. Just one warning for Daniel. Bro watch your back, if you slack at all, this dude is gonna be taking your place.
 J.C a.k.a Mummy Toba: Whoever coined that saying that beauty and brains don’t go together for female folks probably never met Jacinta. She puts that saying to shame with her royal-like beauty. We did a lot of talking over the years, and each time we talk, I respected her more. And Yes, I do have a crush on her. She’s one of the peeps that made my year, because every minute I spent with her, was totally worth it.
 Bukky: I wonder what the last five years of my life would be like if I should take her out of it. Last year, she was easily the girl I spent the most time with. It’s funny how anyone would be willing to spent time with me. Seriously, I’ve you met me. I can really be tiring and boring at time, not to add that I can be obstinate and frustrating at time. But she’s one of the reason I didn’t end up constantly tweeting or updating my Facebook status as “Bored”. Now she’s off to school, I think it’s high time to get that girlfriend.
 Funmilayo: You know how there are some people you are permitted to get very close to, but you should never try being anything more than friends with? Yea, I’ve got mine to, and her name is Funmilayo. She’s one of those girl that are impossible to hate. Only problem is she is an “for your eyes only” person to me. Thanks to some circumstances beyond my control, I’m supposed to, and will remain off limits, but best of friends with her.
 Joy Ikegudu: Any of my classmate in secondary school will remember the one girl Joshua never saw eye to eye with on any issue. We just were never meant to be friends. It doesn’t matter what was at stake, be it something as simple as who did or didn’t speak, or something as complicated as Politics or School Subject, we just must be on opposing sides. Nothing could make us agree. I can’t remember the genesis of our conflict, but now that I look back, I just might have an idea. But the year 2012 was the year of miracles. Y’all know how people are saying Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra shaking hands was a miracle, Ours must be an Epic Miracle, just as we mysteriously became enemies (or should I say rivals) we just became best of friends. We’ve spent time together, on the phone, and unbelievable as this might sound, I sometimes miss her.
 Blessing: If I’m asked to pick a female friend of mine that is on the threshold of becoming the next superstar, my answer is bound to be Blessing. Man, this girl can sing. Although I’ve known her for over five years now, I got to know her better in 2012, and I can actually say she’s a really wonderful girl. From what I heard, she dances just as well as she sings, although I’ve never seen her dance. I’ll try to spend more time with her, and attend some events she’ll be performing at. I’ll like to believe that y’all will be seeing a lot of her this year.
 Cosmos, Jerry & Timothy: All of my life, I’ve known this guys, and thankfully, I’ve never had a reason to regret that. We’ve spent the last fifteen months pursuing a common goal which once completed will be our first step to changing (or should I say taking over) the Nigerian Entertainment Industry’s landscape. Y’all should just stay tuned to your Radio, T.V, Internet, Magazines and Newspapers, because I can assure you, You don’t wanna miss out on the GIG Entertainment whirlwind, which is about to sweep the nation (or we just might take over the world while we are at it). All I ask of you is to give us all the support you can.
 Fola “4lah” Folayan a.k.a Boss Lady: If you are an ardent listener of Nigerian Info, then there is no way you could have miss out on knowing the “Boss Lady”. The year 2012 saw me stumbling on a revolution on the internet. #DearArtiste. I don’t know how many of y’all might have heard of this,but Fola has in her little way been giving advice to artiste who are still trying to get that “big break” in the music industry. It started as just twits from her twitter handle, but has grown to being a twitter handle, a website, a family, a movement, a revolution, and a source of hope and inspiration to lots of people. I have a feeling that 2013 will see lots of artistes take this avenue as a stepping stone to becoming big time superstars. I’ve learned a lot from her, and know a lot of young people out there have done the same. I pray God continues to strengthen and empower her and her team at Dear Artiste.
 Andre Blaze, Vector and Eva Alordiah: One of my reasons for looking forward to 2013 was my hope that I’ll finally get to work with three of my favorite peeps in the entertainment industry. Two of my favorite music albums from 2012 were GIGO from Eva Alordiah, and BARracks from Vector. As much as it as become very difficult to listen to complete albums of Nigerian artists without being tempted to skip tracks, Eva and Vector just ensured I kept listening to their songs nonstop, giving me a swell time, and making the times spent alone bearable. Andre Blaze on the other hand finally came back to terrestrial T.V with the show Nigeria’s Got Talent. Seriously, it was fun to see Andre Blaze back on my T.V screen, since I don’t have a D.S.T.V to watch Nigezie. And he didn’t disappoint, as he was actually my main attraction to the show (although I never tire of watching Kate Henshaw). I hope to see a Vector and Eva Alordiah collaboration, maybe even a joint album, just as much as I still dream of finally hearing Andre Blaze rap. (There have been talks of a mix tape some times ago). And I pray to work with this talented trio someday soon. Just as I wish them a fruitful 2012.
 To all my special peeps, like Chinelo, Chinasa, Chinyere, Adetoun, Ibrahim, Chukwudi, Chidebere, Anslem, Uduak, Vero, Chuks, and all the other guys I failed to write your names here. Y’all are important to me too.
 Then there are the peeps I work with, watch football with, and meet everyday. I’ve learned valuable lessons from each one of you, shared great moments with you, and look forward to a great year with y’all.
 To everyone I mentioned or referred to in this post, I wish every single one of you a fruitful, creative, prosperous New Year.