Damaged Beyond Repair – Time Out With CK

The society today is filled with people who have various damages, some severe while some not so severe, yet it hurts either way. Everyone is so busy fighting their individual battles that they’re almost unwilling to help others with theirs. Instead of identifying these damages, mourn over it and heal, they create survival strategies, which serve as an anti-virus to shield them from getting easily hurt. Unfortunately, most of the survival strategies cause even more damage. In all, everyone just consciously or subconsciously wants and desires to love and be loved.
In search of help, people seek solace in religion, alcoholism, pornography, entertainment, career pursuit, etc. But the search would be yielding if we all truly give out love. If we are all givers of love, in the end, we will all be receivers, because it goes round.
Fear has crept into man’s heart. For fear of being dominated, men damage one another. Men that were meant to protect and provide wants to be protected and provided for, while women want to be equal with men. What a drastic and devastating damage.
Today, in a bid to satisfy his truest and deepest desire to exercise dominion, sex dolls have been created. This is to satisfy his deep and unrealistic fantasy of being totally ‘in control’ since it seems the fast developing industrial age, largely favors the female species, who once completely depended on man in everything and for everything. Men want to feel needed while women want to feel free. This is how badly damaged mankind has become.
The fix to this rapidly deteriorating damage can only be found in true love. Love so pure and true, exercised simply by loving your neighbor as yourself.

Itama Ebanehita Omoye a.k.a Cartoonkween is a graduate of Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering.
She believes it is not the load of life that breaks you down but how you carry it… And reigning in the realm of possibilities, and sharing love to all… are her standards.
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