Why I Don’t Write Poetry – Josh Journal

I believe the time has come for me to address why I don’t write more poetry.
I must preface this with the fact that I am an awesome poetry writer. Self-adulation aside, my poetry is powerful enough to leave one in tears, in love, or in anger. Depending on my intention for writing.
I have actually written a fairly sizeable amount of poetry. If you get to stumble on them, you will likely agree with my previous assessment.

But why don’t I write more poetry?
Simple answer. Spoken word artists. That is the sum of my whole response. No more, no less.
What exactly is my problem with spoken word artists?
Have you seen Lasisi’s skit on spoken word? That is a visual representation of everything I deem wrong with spoken word as an art form.

First, their intonation. Those guys pronounce words with a tone and at a speed that just irks my ears.
For goodness sake, this is not communication. No one talks like this. Not now, not ever. So why are you talking like this?
That is my biggest pet peeve.

Then there is their look. It looks like they are trying too hard to look somehow I can’t just describe.
From their dressing, carriage, mannerism, and presentation. Seriously. Why are you doing this?
Is this how you act away from the stage?

Thirdly, there is the forced rhyme scheme.
In poetry, not everything needs to rhyme. Know this and know peace.
Why are you forcing words into positions they shouldn’t be, and altering sentences into weird structures, just to achieve rhyme?

Finally, there is the choice of vocabulary.
I believe lots of poets and spoken word artists write with a dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia open. Because many of them definitely do not use those words in everyday conversation.
Why are you using big grammar to prove a point your audience doesn’t understand?
When you do that, you have actually failed to communicate. If I have to open a dictionary at the end of every line, I could as well have signed up for an English class.

I’m not saying all poetry is bad. I know a couple of awesome poets and spoken word artists. These people are a joy to behold.
They get me thinking, stimulate my mental faculty, and keep me believing in the beauty of arts.
I pray the Lord keeps strengthening you and refilling your creative juices.

As for the rest of you that are more interested in the applause than communicating…
This is 2021. Change your ways. Kindly stop giving us headaches.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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