“We Had The Recipes, We Didn’t Have The Ingredients” – Josh Journal

I was listening to an episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, with Donnell Rawlings and Dave Chappelle as guests.
Somehow, the discussion was now centered on cooking.

Dave Chappelle mentioned how he was surprised at Donnell’s culinary skills. Dave spoke about how Donnell had challenged him, then cooked for about thirty guests and the meal turned out great.

When asked how he learned to cook so well, Donnell Rawlings narrated how growing up, his mum had a subscription to a cooking magazine.
In his words, “we had all the ingredients, but we didn’t have the ingredients.”

Dave Chappelle pointed out how that was a great and factual quote.
Thinking about it, it turns out it is an apt description of a stage in life many of us have been through.

Life is in phases, and sometimes, we are in the rough one.
Honestly speaking, right now, I am in the “having all the recipes, but no ingredients” stage.

This is a stage where you know what next to do. You have the necessary information and talent needed to create wealth. Or get to the next stage.
I have spent all of my life learning about investment. From the stock market to forex. Different types of bonds, money market, index fund, and real estate.

As a child, I read extensively on them. Through the late nineties, all of the two-thousands, and early twenty-tens, I read newspaper reports on these sectors.
I was fortunate enough to be exposed to Nigerian newspapers, as well as British and American ones.

I enjoyed reading the latest political, sports, and entertainment news. But I thought it necessary to know what was happening in the financial sector.
The only thing I find weird was how my less than ten-year-old brain understood what was being written about reports and policies.

In my teenage years, I began spending my own money on books. I probably bought an equal amount of fiction, motivational, and financial educational books.
From rich dad, poor dad, to how to incorporate yourself for success, I read it all.

All these years later, I can still remember most of what I read.
The key points stuck with me and still influence my decisions until today.

Apart from business and financial management, something else I’m great at is writing and content creation.
From scripted to unscripted, fiction and nonfiction, and everything in between. I have spent years honing my skill and ensuring I can deliver at the highest level.

In both cases, I find myself in the same situation. I’ve got the best and most exquisite recipes, but I have no ingredients.
A fact many motivational speakers fail to touch on is that talent, ideas, and inspiration is often useless without funds.

Not always, but often.
And when its uselessness gets critical, it can grow until it becomes frustrating, saddening, and depressing.

Thankfully, understanding that the phase of “recipes without ingredients” is one that if properly maneuvered, eventually passes, is a life-saving hope.
It can be the difference between suicide and living for one more day.

In life, we play the hand we are dealt.
While we do that, we try to work our way into a better position and secure a better deal.
In that walk, having faith in God can make all the difference.

He is a source of hope, rest, and change. Knowing the endlessness of his power gives you the assurance that irrespective of the present situation, you have a chance.

I know how far I have come from where I used to be. The picture of what the future can be is one I am gladdened by.
If you are in the same situation as me, I would want you to find assurance for your future in Christ.

In the meantime, keep going through those recipes. Keep practicing that skill and ensure you get better at it.
Continue the daily struggle, each day you survive is one day nearer to your desired future.
Be tactful with each step you take. Look out for opportunities that bring you closer to actualizing your dreams.

You may not have the kitchen yet. The edges of your books of recipes might be getting worn out. It might look impossible today.
Just know that one day, you will have the ingredients. That meal you have been waiting for the world to taste, you will cook it.

They will taste it, and they will bow and marvel at your ingenuity, creativity, and awesomeness.
It will all be worth it.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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