My Observation – IBY WRITES

It is easier to marry on Facebook than in reality. The challenge of a technology-savvy generation is that it takes less guts to post about your wife on your page than engage the real person you married. It is easier for a preacher to talk about his wife than do the practical daily chores that make a marriage work.
The fact is, the real person is always more difficult to handle. Facebook posts don’t argue with you. They don’t require you to come home on time. They don’t ask you to put away the paper for a while and help with the children’s homework. This I believe is why a lot of people are turning to the net to see picture-perfect women who make no demands on them.
The truth however is, engaging with the real person is in the end far more exciting, far more satisfying and actually far more capable of engendering real growth – the type which compels you to be less selfish and more of a quality man.

Nwaka Iby aka Gen Baba Ibeji is a dynamic, committed, dedicated and pragmatic young man with extensive knowledge and experience in Public speaking, TV Presentation, Content Writing, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service Management, Sales and Marketing. He is a highly motivated individual driven to achieve results in the most complex environment.
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