I’ve Got A Romcom Problem – Josh Journal

To call me a fan of romcoms will be an understatement. I am a romcom head.
At this point, I have lost count of the number of TV series and movies from the romcom genre that I have seen.

How most guys don’t enjoy romcoms is simply beyond me. All they want is action, explosions, car chase sequences, and gun battles.
All I want is a story of love and laughter. That is what I want on the screen, and in life. Love and laughter. The more, the merrier.

I can occasionally watch action movies though. Sprinkling it with comic relief is always a good idea.
Maybe that is why I prefer the Marvel Cinematic Universe to DC Universe. Especially the movies that rounded up the last phase.

From black panther to fat Thor, serious moments were interspersed with laughable moments.
I know some people were upset about the use of comedy in those movies. All I can say to them is lighten up.

And if you prefer gloom and darkness, DC always has its door open. Gloom and darkness, I mean that literally and figuratively.
DC likes to keep their storyline dark. They also like their pictures to look dark. I am yet to get the rationale behind that.

The looks on DC movies have been a major hindrance to me watching them. From the first scene, I have a foreboding that I might end this movie feeling depressed.
It just has a feeling of macabre and horror being on the horizon.

Speaking of horror. How do people still watch that?
Saw. The shinning. Paranormal Activity. The Blair Witch Project. Train To Busan. A Quiet Place. Final Destination.
How do you ever turn off the light or go to bed after watching those?

I visited a friend and his family were watching one of the Anaconda series at night. Despite still having over an hour until bedtime, I had to take my leave.
I am not ready to be chasing or get chased by a giant snake in my dreams.

All these years later, I still can’t watch get out. As much as I love Lupita Nyango, I can’t see Us.
Twelve Years A Slave, despite not being a horror movie, I am yet to watch. I doubt if I will get back to seeing it ever.

My heart can’t bear that kind of punishment.
Meanwhile, Django Unchained had enough comical moments to ensure people like me don’t end up with a broken heart. The comeuppance served the villains at the end also made it all worth it.

With romcom, my head and heart are not stressed like that. The most I have to worry about is will they, won’t they?
I also do not need to think about complicated storylines. And I don’t need to watch my back for creeping shadows while at it.

How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory, and other shows remain my favorite TV series of all time.
Friends, Boy Meets World, and a few others are also a pleasure to watch.

Recently though, I have struggled to find romcoms of that quality. It is like TV writers and showrunners are trying to please too many categories of people, and end up pleasing none.
Or are film schools failing to teach crews the secret ingredient in making a great romcom?

I’m still holding out though. Hopefully, I find a great romcom that gets me excited about television again.
In the main time, I’ll keep enjoying sitcoms, talk shows, stand-up comedy, and dramas.
By the way, they don’t make coming-of-age stories like they use to anymore. That is a discussion for another day.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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