ITK And You Don’t Know – Josh Journal

Growing up, one major lesson that stuck with me is that no one likes an ITK. You can imagine my shock when as an adult, all I see is people trying to be ITK.
When did that change? Or was I mistaken?

Thinking it through now, it appears more like people didn’t like ITKs because they were all trying to be ITK and didn’t want someone else taking up that position before they did.
Go on any platform and people are always in a hurry to express their own opinions. They never want to listen to others.

Worse still, whenever they listen to others, it is hardly ever to assimilate. Rather, it is often to spot a mistake or give a response.
I have learned to accept that there will always be an ITK. There is nothing I can do about it. My only grudge with any ITK is when they won’t let you be.

There are some information I honestly do not want to know. It is just unnecessary. But no you must talk.
I want to look at the skies, get lost, and marvel at creation. But you are in a hurry to tell me how the stars are actually bigger than some planets.
I see a shooting star and want to make a wish. You interrupt me to tell me a shooting star likely died centuries ago.

What exactly is the color of your problem?
Of what use is that information to me?
Did I tell you I didn’t know this before?
And even if I don’t know, now that you have told me, what difference does it make?
Please, leave me and my ignorance alone. If I want to know, let me find out on Google. Or at least, wait and let me ask you first.

It seems like some people are scared of silence. Like they are afraid to be left alone with their thoughts.
As soon as I want to ponder on something, they want to quickly tell me something. And if I leave them alone to finish whatever they have to say, they then come up with a silly argument just to ensure the conversation continues.
It is not a crime for there to be a lull in our discussion. We are not OAPs. We won’t get fined for a silent moment.

And the biggest sin of the ITK is the sin of lying.
In the multitude of words, there wanteth not transgressions.
In your desperation to prove yourself wise, updated, or funny, you are likely to tell a lie, disrespect someone, or backbite.

Even when you know somethings, sometimes just allow it. Talking is not a competition.
You don’t need to have an anecdote to everything. Sometimes, you don’t have to give a comeback or retort. And it is not really necessary for you to one-up someone’s story.
Really. Don’t be that guy. Or babe.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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