Help Our Youths The Truth To Know (Alice In Naijaland)

The fourth line in the second verse of the Nigerian National Anthem goes “Help our youths the truth to know”.
In all the years I have seen people analyze and appreciate the National Anthem, I think this is one of the most underrated, undervalued and underappreciated line.
Indeed, we need the God of creation to guide our leaders right, but just as importantly, we need him to help our youths to know the truth.
In Nigeria, at present, the youths are the largest demography in the population. One truth we seem yet to acknowledge, understand and put to practice is the power we have.
According to research, it takes about three percent of a population to carry out a revolution. The Arab Spring didn’t have the participation of up to three percent of their respective countries, yet we saw the result.
Nigerian youths, we have the privilege to be a part of the most peaceful way possible to carry out a revolution. I hope we seize it this time.
I hope we forego leaders in every strata of our government who are vision-less, greed-driven, nonchalant, heartless and vengeful.
I hope we begin to seize the chance to engage the government more. Not from a selfish perspective. Rather from a future-oriented and Nation-centred perspective.
O God of creation,
Direct our noble cause.
Guide our leaders right,
Help our youths the truth to know.
And give them the wisdom to process this truth, the strength and boldness to act on this truth, and the will to vote for the right leaders, based on this truth.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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