Count Your Blessings Or Your Troubles – Josh Journal

There is a hymn I’ve loved since childhood, “Count Your Blessings”.
It was such a simple hymn, so much that it was one of those I understood even as a child. Its meaning stuck with me through the years and pulled me through a couple of dark phases.

As a mischievous child, “Count Your Blessings” was my hymn of choice wherever there was a person named Blessing.
If I find two or more people named Blessing at the same time, it was like Christmas came early. I will count them between singing the chorus at them.

All these years later, the song still sticks with me. Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed by situations, “Count Your Blessings” comes naturally to me.
I might not be able to find the positives in the moment, I might be unable to practice it there and then, but I’ll surely sing it.

I still find it disturbing watching how people are obsessed with negativity. Theirs, others’, real, imagined, over the top, minute.
Everything negative, they want to wallow in it, analyze it, find someone to blame, find its scientific name, botanical name, literal name, origin, and more.
They are willing to do everything except to hand it over to God.

At every phase of our lives, there will be positives and negatives. Focusing on the negatives will help us get lost in it and not just forget, but be blind to the positives.
This will be reflected in our thoughts, words, and actions. It will permeate through your aura. Showing up like a baggage that cannot be gotten rid of.

There are people I struggle to pick their calls or reply to their texts. Each time they reappear in my life, I am certain something has gone wrong.
Helping out when I can is something I will gladly do. Providing a listening ear to your “woe is me” story, I am fine with. But that cannot be every day.

I can’t listen to your complaint when we both know you are fine with the situation. Some people even glory in their problems.
It is now part of their identity. They want you to be aware of their problems first, as it is now a key part of their personality.

If you offer them a solution, they’ll never act on it. Help them solve one, they will return with five. Call them up to greet them, and one minute into the call, they have started a tirade of what is wrong with them.
They never have something positive to tell you about themselves or others. The world is always against them, and they always know someone who is after them.

I’ve had to cut a couple of people like that away. If I can’t help you, that is one problem, if you are unwilling to be helped, that is a different and bigger problem.
What gets to me is when I can actually count your blessings. I know a number of things going on well for you. If I bring them up, you are in a hurry to brush them aside and get back to complaining.
A part of me thinks it is because they never want to be asked for help. But when this gets chronic, you know it is deeper than being selfish.

Problem no dey finish. Wahala no dey finish.
As you take get wahala, na so other people get their own.
If we decide to gather all our wahala pour for ground, space no go dey again to stand.

Don’t let your troubles get the best of you. If you spend time counting your blessings, that is less time spent complaining, worrying, and being scared.
Christ is willing to carry the weight of your worries. There is no need to be stubborn and insist on bearing it yourself.
The least you can do is spend that time in praise, worship, and thanksgiving.
“Count Your Blessings” is a great hymn to start with.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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