A Loveless Nigerian Valentine Reality – Josh Journal

In furtherance of my love and valentine theme, I was going to write about Henry VIII of England and Anne Boleyn. The love affair that broke England out of the Catholic Church. But “Nigeria will Nigeria”.
Instead, here I am, writing about the loveless affair between Nigeria and her citizens. The classic Nigerian valentine’s story.

In the spirit of Valentine and love, I had expected the Federal Government and Lagos State Government to have a more humane response to the resurfacing #EndSARS protest.
True enough, the original demands have not been met. Worse still, the government was pissing on the grave of those massacred by opting to reinstall the tolls.
First thing first, why was that vote held at the Judicial Panel of Inquiry?
Was that one of the reasons the panel was set up? To give legitimacy to however the government chooses to handle their failure?
Once again, God bless @SavvyRinu for stepping down from that panel. I pray her Valentine is as sweet as her heart is.

Why is it of much importance that this particular toll-gate be reinstated? What will it take to shut it down permanently? Are the blood of those killed there not enough to pay for it? Or a good enough reason to forgo whatever money could be made there?
Is no one in the government thinking that buying back that concession is a small price to pay for the goodwill of Lagosians? Or is Lagos State too broke to buy back that concession?

On a final note, isn’t this a good enough reason for people, both appointed and elected, in this government to tender their resignation? Or are the perks of power enough to restore whatever sleepless nights these incidents might have caused them?
Why am I stepping ahead of myself? Who among them has complained of sleepless nights?

When a lot of leading figures during the October 2020 protest refused to be part of any of the government set-up committees, many people accused them of lacking faith in the government.
With the way things have unfolded since then, anyone who still has faith in the present government is…
I chose not to complete that sentence. But I can assure you that whatever you fill in there is probably justified.

Nigeria’s ruling class are a loveless bunch. They do love their money and the comfort and choices it affords them. They also love that their children will be inheriting their wealth, connections, and positions.
As for the rest of us, the people they actually rule, we could cease to exist and they will care less.

We are actually ceasing to exist and they are actually unbothered.
Our rulers do not care if the best of us are emigrating. They don’t care if the rest of us are being kidnapped and ransomed or murdered for failing to pay the ransom.
How can you love people you don’t care about?

For all apologists of this sham and disgrace of a government, I pray your Valentine gets bloody. If pressing iron burns your Valentine cloth, just know I am fine with it.
And if a car drives through that pothole this government failed to fill, and splashes mud on your Valentine red, just know my prayer was answered.
This might seem like a waste of prayer, but my vindictiveness at this point is justifiable.

In fact, that red shoe you got for valentine, I pray a dog eats it. And may the pain this ruling class is inflicting on Nigeria personally visit you.
As for the rest of us, happy Valentine’s Day to us. May the ones we find love in find true love in us.
And may we be beneficiaries of the potentials Nigeria holds. May a better Nigeria be a reality in our lifetime.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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