You Know That I Love You (Sincerely Yours)

Love, they say is an action word. I have always believed that before I could articulate it. You can understand my shock when I find people asking the person they are supposed to be in love with, “do you love me?”
If you need to ask, then there must be something wrong.

Maybe I am seeing this wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy. One thing I’m sure about though is that if you ever ask a guy this question, his blood pressure begins to rise.
He begins to suspect that something is wrong. He starts to wonder, “what did I do wrong?”

I know some people ask this question to seek validation. If that is your reason, then there must be something wrong. With you. With us.
Maybe you should find another way to ask. Or maybe you should be asking yourself rather than me.

I believe most people who ask this question already know the answer before they asked. They only ask to confirm their suspicions.
Or to force a response. Or maybe to make you confront your feelings.

But do you want to get into a relationship or stay in one where the other person has to be prodded into commitment?
Not just commitment, but feelings. It is one thing to not know how to approach someone about how you feel. It is a separate problem to not know how you feel.

From family to friends, even an acquaintance, I expect you to know how we stand.
For me, love is better shown than said. Even if I claim not to love you, my actions would show otherwise.

By the way, the fact that I do love you doesn’t mean I’m about to pursue a relationship with you.
Friendship and allyship require love too. The fact that you asked if I love you and I respond in the affirmative doesn’t mean we are now an item.

If you know you cannot take that, maybe it’s better you never ask. There is more to love than jumping into a relationship.
There is a probability we might get into one later on. We just need to know each other better. And there is also a probability our love would always be there, but we will never be together.

This might be a bit of a stretch, but if you ever have to ask if I love you, then I most likely do not.
Or I’ve failed in my love for you.
Either way, I’m not happy you asked.
Sincerely yours,
Wilson J.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
You can follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. @IJOSWIL