Song Of The Day: DJ Ironik – Stay With Me

The dude is also Handsome by the way

 If You’ve at any point heard that Westlife Song,
“Stay with Me,
Don’t fall asleep too soon,
The Angels can wait for a moment, etc, etc.”
 And if You in anyway have a love for Hip-Hop, then this is the song for You. Although if You are not a Hip-Hop head, You are still gonna love it.
 I sometime find it difficult to listen deeply to a song, but I’ll still want to listen to something that sounds deep and familiar at the same time, at such moments, This song comes to my mind, and puts my mind to rest.
 It sure is a great song for deep thinking, reminiscing, inspiration, and preparation for a Big day.
Feel free to check the song out via the link provided below.