Young Money Cash Money People’s Party – YMCMPP

Fellow countrymen, and women. I am here to introduce you to the party of the future. The party on which my humble self and other likeminded fellows will ride to power. The party for a time like this. The party for a new Nigeria. Fellow Nigerians, it is my unreserved pleasure to introduce you to YMCMPP!!!!
Simply put, Young Money Cash Money People’s Party. YMCMPP. Sounds great, right? Tell me you are not already looking to cast your vote for us. How isn’t this the party you are already proud of?
YMCMPP is a party for the future. It is a party that believes in the potential of Nigeria, and is ready to work on that potential and bring it to fruition. We are a party of great minds, hoping to bring the best of us, to lead the rest of us, thereby consistently bringing out the best in all of us.
YMCMPP is a hundred percent about what is best for Nigeria. We are a band of pragmatic optimists, who always see the best possible outcome and are willing to work with what we have to get us to where we should be.
Our slogan is YMCMPP, A Richer Nigeria, For Richer Nigerians.
Some people think that means we are an elitist party. On the contrary, we are a party that believes Nigeria has the potential to have a population where over seventy-five percent of its citizens are millionaires. Not millionaires the Zimbabwean way, but their millions are valued in US dollars.
We are a nation whose natural resources should ensure no one ever goes to bed hungry at night, no child is ever out of school and no family lives without a roof over their head. Just as important as the natural resources are, the mental resources abound in Nigeria, and beyond.
Patriotic Nigerians are having to set up vibrant companies in other countries, their inventions and intellectual property are redefining how other nations and the world at large progresses. It is time to create a viable environment that will encourage scientific work, research and development, investment and production, that will not only put the present generation of Nigerians to work, but will also encourage future generations to dream of more.
I am not contesting in the forthcoming election, but I hope when YMCMPP does show up on your ballot paper, we’ll have your vote.
Remember, we are all about a Prosperous Nigeria, filled with Wealthy Nigerians.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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