You Don’t Know Me (KEEP QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

You Don’t Know Me

 There is nothing more annoying than seeing someone who knows nothing about me telling the story of my life. It truly is epically annoying.
 In trying to say what he knows nothing about, He ends up using assumptions, and jumping to conclusions.
 In the process of doing this he shows off his ignorance and misinformation. The way he goes about telling this story is even more hurting, as He’ll speak confidently and authoritatively, thereby misleading and misinforming his audience.
 That’s why when I meet someone who tells me “Mr A” said such and such about you, I have to take the time to correct whatever wrong notion such an individual might have placed in him.
 If You heard something bad about someone you know, when You meet him, don’t begin to accuse Him, instead, ask for his own view, opinion, or chronicle of event. You might have been misinformed out of Ignorance, Jealousy, or just Mischief. Don’t allow the lies of someone else destroy the cordial relationship you have with someone else.
 Finally, If you’re asked a question about me, and You don’t know the answer, tell your questioner that you do not know, or simply keep quiet.
If You don’t know me, It’s not an offense, but when you lie about me, Then It becomes an offense.